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Skelta BPM.NET 2009 - August Update

August 2009 Update of Skelta BPM.NET is here.

As promised some time back, we are delivering the August 2009 Update (Version 3.5.9102.1) of Skelta BPM.NET. This update has to be applied on top of Skelta BPM.NET SP1 (Version 3.5.9102) release.

Some of the exciting features of this release are:

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  Attach files of any type to Skelta Forms

Now you can add attachments to forms using the Attachment Control. This is very useful in scenarios where you need to attach files while submitting the form. Various file formats can be attached that include PDF, MS Office Document, Image File, and TIFF File. For example, in an HR process a user may be required to attach his CV while submitting the details using a form.

  Insert images in Skelta Forms

New Image Control added to Skelta Forms. This can be useful in scenarios, for example, an organization can insert its logo in the form. This logo will be visible to anybody who accesses the form.

  Preview Forms in the Manage Forms page using context menu

It's now much easier to have a quick preview of Skelta Forms. Instead of previewing the forms using Forms Designer, you can directly preview the form from context menu in Manage Forms.

  Enhanced Forms Scripts Editor

More user friendly forms script editor. The editor has color coding for syntax, line number, basic syntax checking etc.

  Default Sorting option for lists items

The default sorting order of items in lists can be specified using multiple column names. For example, in an Invoice list, assume that there are columns like OrderNo, Vendor Name, Description, Total and Created Date. The list items can be by default sorted based on the Vendor Name and Created Date.

  Dynamically call Forms for the Invoke Form Activity

In the Invoke Form Activity, you can call forms dynamically at run-time using an expression builder. This reduces the effort of creating workflows that call different forms for Invoke Form Activity.

  Get 3D view of BAM Reports

You can now see a 3D view of the BAM Reports by rotating the axis of the graphs. Analyze the data more effectively now.

And a host of other useful enhancements.
For a deep dive in Skelta BPM.NET August 2009 Update, see the Release Notes or Download the latest.