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March 01, 2016

Wonderware Skelta BPM R2 SP2 comes loaded with new and enhanced functionalities such as
printable forms!

Forms Enhancements

Following enhancements incorporated for the Forms product offering

  • New controls introduced
    • Rich Text
    • Embed Form
    • Print Form
    • Tree
    • Gauge
  • Pop-Up control with Persist Form Definition property
  • Base Form control with Record Visible and Show Column Name property
  • Panel Form control with Read-Only option for Behavior property
  • Option to see List Structure from Forms
  • Data Grid control with Hierarchical Grid support
  • Submit Form on Enter key press
  • Invoke workflow control enhanced to avoid need of Form republish
  • Lookup configurations can now be consumed within custom controls

Support for 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP Annex 11 regulations

  • Auto log off a user automatically from EC after a configurable time span of inactivity

ASB Integration Enhancements

  • Option in workflow to 'Wait for ASB Event' as an activity

All new Notification Hub

  • New notification infrastructure leveraging Azure Notification Hub

Technology Updates

  • Wonderware Skelta BPM can now be configured on Servers equipped with IPv6
  • Windows 10 Support
  • Work Tasks to support iOS 9

Packages Enhancements

Packages module enhanced to support

  • ASB Events
  • MES XML Command Activity
  • SQL Script generation and execution Support
  • Forms Tree Control
  • Forms Control Folder support
  • List items of Manage List
  • Option to include common files as part of package
  • Option to include Child items in a folder
  • Enhanced rebuild option for Workflow and Forms

Continuous Improvement

  • Alternate Actor Enhancements
    • Configuration based validations for delegation
    • Support for multiple delegations
    • Audit log of delegations
  • Message Bar support for Enterprise Console