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Skelta BPM.NET SP1 Release is here!

Skelta is pleased to announce a new power packed and enhanced version of its flagship product, Skelta BPM.NET. This is a Service Pack release and has the latest features, hotfixes and security patches.

Exciting New Features

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  Support added for IE8 and Oracle 11

IE8 and Oracle 11 are now supported by Skelta BPM.NET.

  Enhanced and optimized forms performance

Forms performance has been enhanced and optimized in this release. You have faster loading forms that allow you to perform your tasks faster. Well, almost 50% faster than the previous versions for complex forms.

  Execute Forms in workflows synchronously

In workflows, you can now choose the sequence in which the forms should be executed. The sequence in which forms should be displayed to a user can be managed using Skelta BPM.NET Process Designer.

For example, if you have a shopping site, then the Shipping Details form can be shown after the Order Details form, and the Payment Form can be called after the Shipping Details form.

  Forms scripts now support calling .NET assemblies

You can now call and execute .NET assemblies within forms by using scripts. This enhancement opens a whole new world for you where you can call these assemblies inside forms and virtually achieve anything.
For example, in an Invoice Form, call a .NET assembly to:
  • Perform complicated calculation,
  • Populate vendor details from external applications.

  Use emails to access work item, Invoke Form work item and process execution details

Now use emails to open the work item, Invoke Form work item and process execution details through a click of the link in the email. No need to login to the Enterprise Console.

For example, open an approval form emailed to you in the form of a link, and approve or reject a loan approval.
Or, send out survey emails to a bunch of users. Users can fill the survey form by directly clicking on a link in the email.

No login, selecting work item or product training required.

  Scheduling your workflow execution made simpler

A workflow can be executed at a specified date and time. There is also a facility to repeat the schedule, which can be indefinite
or for a specified period of time.

For example, the payroll process may start on 20th of every month. The payroll workflow can be schedule to trigger on 20th of every month.

  View, forward or abort all tasks of the workflow if you are the workflow owner

Now view all work items of owned workflows and, forward or abort workflow instances. You can filter work items based on user, process activities etc.

For example, if a person decides to leave an organization, or on non availability of a resource, a process owner can filter and
view all open tasks specific to a user.  From this list the process owner can manage these tasks by forwarding it to an alternate resource or aborting the tasks.

  Get your actors by using Oracle database

Now get your actors by using the Oracle database. Technically speaking, you can use Oracle Resource Provider to get your actors from. For a repository with Oracle, datasource will have an Oracle resource provider by default.

  Rendering different forms while editing or viewing list items based on security rights

The newly implemented feature allows the administrator to render different forms while editing or viewing item details for a user defined list. In an organization, if after the owner of a form has done his task, the next person in the flow, will see a form with
his relevant controls.

  Execute a workflow when an item is checked in the SharePoint document library for the first time

You can now execute a workflow when the document library item is checked-in for the first time in a version
enabled library.

For example, for a group of projects having project folders, when the user checks-in a document in a project folder,
the document could be moved to the relevant project folder if the document did not belong to that project.

In other scenario, the document may not even be allowed to be checked-in any of the folders if the document did not
belong to any of the projects.

  SharePoint list items can now be used in forms lookup

SharePoint list items can be populated in the forms lookup from a SharePoint site which is mapped to Skelta repository.

For example, suppose you have a Vendor list in one of your SharePoint sites, which is mapped to a Skelta repository and you need to populate the items of the Vendor list in one of your forms. Use the configured SharePoint lookup as datasource for the forms lookup.

  View BAM reports specific to a process in SharePoint

View reports related to a specific process of yours by just configuring the BAM web part in SharePoint.

For example, if you want to see HR related reports, just add the BAM web part in the HR related SharePoint site and configure it for workflows related to HR. Similarly, BAM web part can be configured to show you the reports specific to Finance for the
Finance SharePoint site.

  Customize the views of Work Item List control and Work Items

Calculate the total amount of columns for all the groups, total count of columns for all the groups, and average amount for
all the groups.

You can also customize the layout of a work item list and work items based on your requirement.

For example, if you have a list of invoice with vendor names, using the above features you can now see sum of all invoices for each vendor when we group on vendor column, the number of invoices for each vendor when we group on vendor column, and also the average of invoices for each vendor when we group on vendor column.

You can also customize the views of the lists for vendors and invoices.

  Customizing product styles simplified

Customizing the UI styles as per your choice is easier. A few styles to be changed to give a look to suit your needs.

  Richer forms data entry using Rich Text Control

Enter richer forms data with the new Rich Text Control. For example, you can now give colors to the text, format it by making bold or italics etc., while entering data into forms.

For a deep dive in Skelta BPM.NET SP1, see the Release Notes, Download the latest or better still,
let us show you how. Request a Demo.