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Skelta BPM 2011 SP1 release is here!

Invensys Skelta is pleased to announce a new service pack for Skelta BPM 2011. This service pack has some nifty features and allows for enhanced collaboration organization wide. The focus of this service pack is to provide better process control and enhanced usability.

Some of the exciting features of this release are:

  New Engine Activities to Control Process Execution of a Workflow

Organizations can now increase the process efficiency by controlling the workflow process execution through three new Engine Activities i.e. End Activity Execution, End Child Workflow, Loop Execution Step Entry.

  New Reporting Capabilities

Users can view reports online as well as offline while making crucial decisions. Reports can be generated through a Report Generator Activity. This enables you to configure a Report Template and also to save the generated report in the Reports list. Users can easily send the report as an email attachment or a downloadable link.

  Data Grid Control in Forms

Provides an excellent way to show data in a grid that enables users to save customized layouts for the grid configurations at design time. This feature empowers users with major grid features such as configuring the data source, defining layouts, showing hierarchical data and much more.

  Customizing User List

Provides an easy way to store additional information about a user.

  Lock or Unlock Designers and User-Defined Lists

Allows organizations to lock the design tools like the Process Designer, Forms Designer and List designer while editing. When such design tools are locked, other users will not be allowed to edit or modify it.

  User Tools

Helps organizations in identifying the artifacts where the user needs to be replaced, when a particular user is no longer associated with the organization or the process. It also helps you identify the occurrences of the workflow where the user's direct reference is used and also view items locked by the selected user and unlock the same.

  Copy/Paste Feature in Forms

Empowers developers and business users by allowing them to copy and paste controls in the Forms Designer. All the controls including the container controls can be copied. When container controls are copied all the controls inside the container control also get copied.

  Easy Access to View Installed Products

This feature allow users to view the version number of Skelta BPM and its connectors which are installed on the system.

Some of the feature enhancements of this release are:

  Enhanced User Experience and Usability

Provides a consistent and effective usability of the product and ensures a better user experience.

  Assigning Actors and Searching Users/Roles based on Providers

This feature helps users in simplifying the process of configuring users for a Workflow. Also enhanced user search by using the filter Providers that displays relevant results faster.

  New Property Assign Empty Node Values in XML Action Activity

Allows the user to choose whether the XML node value can be updated with an empty value or not.

  Enhancements in Database Activity

Facilitate users by allowing them to set the maximum number of retries that need to be attempted, if a database goes offline at run time.

  Action Completed output in Wait For Event Activity and Wait for SharePoint Event Activity

Increases workflow process efficiency by ensuring that the activity does not remain in waiting status even after the "Effective To" date is reached and the Workflow execution continues.

  Cancelling Planned Queue Work Items

Helps users to revert the planned queue work items back to the queue by cancelling the assigned queue work items.

  New Property Send to Recycle Bin in SharePoint List Operations Activity

This enhancement enables users to send the deleted files to the SharePoint recycle bin.

  Introducing Support for Microsoft SharePoint Discussion Board

Increases Microsoft SharePoint support as the Skelta SharePoint Accelerator has now been enabled to work with the Microsoft SharePoint Discussion Board through the Microsoft SharePoint list or document library XML variable.

  Supporting SharePoint Group Search in Role Lookup

Allows users to add Microsoft SharePoint groups in the Queue and Security modules. You can now use Microsoft SharePoint groups to assign users to Queue or Security, instead of adding multiple users.

  New Properties in SAP Activities

Provide flexibility to use different SAP connection in the activity by using BAPI_RFC Execute activity.

  Synonym and View Support for Database lookup

This feature helps users to fetch data from Synonyms and Views as well by writing simple queries.

  New Variables in File Operations Activity and Invoke Web Service Activity

This feature helps users to count the number of files transferred or not transferred, respectively, by using variables that has been created in File Operations Activity.

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