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Skelta BPM for Government e-governance solution
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The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) footprint in e-governance as a practice is rapidly increasing, with renewed focus on increasing governance efficiency. There is increased pressure on quality government services to be delivered rapidly to citizens through an efficient and transparent process.

Wonderware Skelta BPM's e-Governance solution built on the Wonderware Skelta BPM framework adds several efficiencies and immense value to e-governance processes.

  • Streamlined and compliant processes
  • Electronic document management:
    • Retain strategic control over archival and management of key documents
    • Long term archival of citizen centric documents
    • Digitization of historical documents
  • Transparent and fully visible processes
  • Regulatory compliance with state and national level policies

Key Benefits:

Effective services delivery with Wonderware Skelta BPM:

  • Monitor and control process performance
  • Effective change management for quicker service roll outs
  • Flexible workflows for cross department functioning
  • Ensure timely roll-outs of critical services

Transparent processes:

  • Drilled down reports on process performance
  • Role based dashboards for restricted report views
  • Reports delivered on email as embedded graphs

Paperless e-governance:

  • Simplified end-to-end document management for large volumes of paper
  • Streamline administrative process with digitized documents
  • Document routing for process automation
  • Audit trails for process transparency
  • Improved document archival and tracking

Human centric workflows:

  • Connect departmental workers to processes
  • Document centric workflows connect government employees to key documents
  • Low learning curve with 100% web based design and deployment


  • Easily adapt processes to department specific regulations
  • Improve accountability with clear audit trails
  • Enhanced reporting to ensure better compliance


  • Includes audit trails at user, folder and document levels
  • Flexible user access settings to sensitive documents and reports

e-Governance in government:

e-Governance today has moved beyond merely automation of manual processes and showcase sophisticated cases of online citizen services delivery models. This gives added relevance to BPM as an ingrained practice for the optimized management of e-governance initiatives.

e-Governance in Indian State Governments

e-Governance is a key initiative of some of largest Indian States including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi. Karnataka's Bhoomi project that computerized land records has been one of the most successful e-Governance initiatives in the country.

Wonderware Skelta sees huge opportunities in Indian states for the following reasons:

  • Right to Information Act The RTI is being increasingly resorted to as a means of getting information.
  • Multi-lingual Requirements Skelta DMS - For Paperless Processes is possibly the only DMS solution that can effectively cater to multi-lingual requirements of Indian e-Governance initiatives.
  • Funding e-Governance is being increasingly mandated by global funding agencies such as World Bank and IMF for funded projects.


e-Governance in the Central Government departments in India

Besides the above reasons, Central departments have been at the forefront of e-Governance and electronic document management for the following reasons:

  • Improving revenue generation e-Governance reduces the scope for corruption and collusion and improves revenue collections.
  • Multi-lingual Requirements Skelta DMS - For Paperless Processes is possibly the only DMS solution that can effectively cater to multi-lingual requirements of Indian e-Governance initiatives.
  • Budgetary constraints With the introduction of zero-based budgeting in the eighties, Indian departments are forced to not just cut costs but provide justification for continuation of budgetary support.

e-Governance in developed countries

The right to information is actively enforced in developed countries of the West and thus offer a prime field for Skelta Document Management System.


e-Governance in the Middle East

Governments in this region suffer from a shortage of manpower and require effective systems to improve productivity and reduce effort.

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