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Wonderware Skelta HRIS provides a powerful BPM-enabled framework for rapid development and integration of HRIS and HRMS systems. Automate core HR and payroll processes such as Recruitment, Training, Performance Management, Compensation and Payroll. Address top HR challenges through Skelta HRIS deployed on top of the Wonderware Skelta BPM engine for:

Change management; HR effectiveness measurement; Learning and Development; Legal / Regulatory compliance; Organizational effectiveness


Key Benefits:

Streamline HR and Payroll ProcessesStreamline HR and payroll processes

  • Advanced workflow functionality
  • Standard compliant processes


Rapidly Develop and Deploy CompleteRapidly develop and deploy complete HRIS

  • BPM enabled solutions framework
  • Easy, web based Process design environment

Improve employee OnBoarding efficiency and performance managementImprove employee OnBoarding efficiency and performance management

  • Build collaborative processes
  • Multiple task delivery channels

Leverage HR information stored in native applicationsLeverage HR information stored in native applications

  • Integration with SharePoint and Active Directories
  • Out-of-the-box connectors for third party applications

Significant reduction in implementation costs and timeSignificant reduction in implementation costs and time

  • Develop solutions for the HR process you need to automate
  • Customize completely using Skelta's APIs and rich data structures
  • Design HRIS processes in easy web based Visual Process Designer


Example of an HRIS process built on Skelta BPMExample of an HRIS process built on Wonderware Skelta BPM:

Employee Onboarding process: One of the key challenges of an HRIS is to ensure:

  • New employee needs have to be immediately met
  • Ensure that an employee becomes an active participant in the organization's success
  • Employees have to be immediately productive and hence need a fully operational environment from day one


Wonderware Skelta BPM's powerful workflow engine provides the solution for a robust on-boarding or any other HR process to be deployed:

  • One Inbox for Tasks providing ability to view task in one location
  • Ability to assign parallel tasks
  • Automated follow ups at fixed intervals
  • Automated Notifications based on Joining Date
  • Automated Surveys after certain time period
onBoarding Process Flowchart

Employee on boarding for finance industry

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onBoarding Process Flowchart