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Transform document based processes using Wonderware Skelta BPM's DMS High End document management system with built in BPM functionality.

The document management solution is built on the Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure. It is a feature rich solution - an end-to-end Document Management System for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and contents.

Wonderware Skelta BPM's DMS seamlessly collaborates, communicates and shares knowledge across and beyond the Enterprise for a truly paperless office and efficient enterprise.

Document Management System

Key Benefits:

  • Create a searchable, enterprise repository of critical documents
  • Easily manage security and access rights to documents
  • Retrieve documents through powerful search functionality
  • Define workflows for automated routing and processing of documents
  • Significantly reduce time and costs of document-based processes
  • Lower ancillary costs of document management such as faxing, and mailing

Document Capture and Storage Document Capture and Storage :

  • Wonderware Skelta DMS supports Batch scanning for high volumes document capture and provides support for TWAIN scanners with high end imaging features.
  • Permanent and Accurate Storage: preserves critical documents accurately in a searchable format for easy retrieval
  • Intelligent Data Capture: Support for OCR and automatic data capture of batch documents
  • Secure Data Storage

Document Workflow Document Workflow :

  • Attach and define workflows for automatic routing and processing of documents
  • Define workflows for all file operations on SharePoint document libraries
  • Business user-friendly wizards for creating workflows
  • Visio-type, web based process designer for creating advanced workflows
  • Enhanced traceability of documents in process
  • Clear audit trail
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Analysis and Reporting Analysis and Reporting :

  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Multiple views of workflow execution
  • Maintain audit trails
  • Real time notification of document status and exception handling

Scanning Scanning

  • Directly imports documents in electronic formats
  • Scan Documents
  • Redirect from email and printer
  • Automatically import incoming faxes
  • Scheduled Capture
  • Support TWAIN Scanners
  • Automatically save scanned document into SharePoint

Imaging Imaging

  • Automatic data capture from scanners
  • Automatic data capture of data from ICR/OCR files
  • Image assisted data entry
  • Facility of zoom-in and zoom-out for specified zoom percentage
  • Zoom lens to enlarge part of image
  • Navigation features for traversing to next page, previous page, or specific page for viewing multi page documents
  • Wonderware Skelta DMS-For Paperless Processes

Indexing and Search Indexing and Search

  • Manual and automatic indexing capabilities
  • File format conversion to searchable PDF for accurate retrieval
  • Configurable indexing for different document types
  • Completely customizable search interface
  • Setup pre-defined search templates for different user groups
  • Perform advanced search on multiple criteria and index values
  • Wonderware Skelta DMS-For Paperless Processes

Annotate and ViewAnnotate and View

  • Annotate documents from various options – Views, Skelta Work Item List, and others
  • Digitally sign documents
  • Configure document views to show documents properties such as owner, date modified, type, and so on along with the document view
  • Exchange secure notes on documents
  • Browse documents by notes
  • Support for thumbnails on image and electronic documents including current and older versions

Workflow Workflow

  • Define workflows to automate document-based processes
  • Define workflows for all file operations on SharePointdocument libraries
  • Business user-friendly wizards for creating workflows
  • Visio-type, web-based process designer for creating advanced workflows
  • Enhanced traceability of documents in process
  • Clear audit trail
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Simple or Complex business rules can be added to workflows to suit your business process can be added to workflows

Integration with communication mediumsIntegration with communication mediums

  • Inbuilt support for Email, IMs and SMS/Text Message
  • Create custom applications around these communication mediums using Wonderware Skelta BPM's Process Designer environment.

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