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Skelta BPM CAPEX solution
Solutions > Capital Expenditure Management

Wonderware Skelta BPM’s Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) solution enables automation and effective management of the complete CAPEX cycle from Purchase to Payment for specific organizational needs:

  • Fully automated CAPEX process eliminates manual exceptions
  • Track organizational budget and financial allocations
  • Visibility on CAPEX disbursements for improved bottom line
  • Factual intelligence for accurate financial decision making with comprehensive reporting

Key Highlights:

Internal Controls:

  • Pre configured controls defining budget limits based on departments and other parameters.
  • Clear audit trail of supporting documents and human actions
  • Comprehensive reporting and drill down views of process performance and bottlenecks (in terms of..)
  • Records expenditures on projects and fixed assets.
  • Transparent, 100% process visibility

Graphical Process Modeller and Forms Designer

  • Web based process modeller for quick and easy workflows
  • Make continuous process changes with a drag and drop interface
  • Design web based Forms for CAPEX functions such as Purchase Requests and Approval Forms
  • Link Forms to workflow steps or to initiate workflows


  • Multi level and simple to complex approval cycles
  • Multi channel delivery of notifications and alerts
  • Escalations in case of exceptions
  • Document routing of supporting documents, Pos and Quotations
  • Fully automated CAPEX approval for even multi-level and complex systems

BAM and KPIs:

  • Drill down reports for every step of the Purchase to Pay cycle
  • Reporting on Capital Expenditures and Budget utilizations
  • Role based dashboards with support for task based actions
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and configure threshold based activity
  • Event based Alerts and Notifications

Rapid ROI:

  • Lower time to productivity with easy to adapt CAPEX solution
  • Integrate with existing applications for optimum return on IT investments
  • Secure Portal Framework for single sign on and multiple instances at no extra cost
  • Timely and business critical developments update for better ROI

Secure CAPEX solution framework:

  • Role based content access
  • Role based security for defining access and content security
  • Dynamic rights configuration
  • Security at every level of the BPM architecture

Wonderware Skelta BPM’s workflow software acts as a key technology component that helps ensure efficient automation of complex accounting and budget approval processes thereby eliminating manual system inaccuracies. Capital expenditure can be procured electronically through web based forms.

Wonderware Skelta BPM’s native adapters extend powerful BPM functionality to existing ERP systems and enable a truly sophisticated value chain with real-time ERP updates and rapid communication across various groups.

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