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Wonderware Skelta BPM's Professional Services team is committed to give you the most return on your software investment.

When you depend on software to run your mission-critical functions, you do not have the luxury of down time. The fact is that even the most robust and user-friendly of software has to have a support team backing it. We understand that a little assistance can go a long way in helping you get the best out of Wonderware Skelta BPM. This is why we have put together a suite of services to meet all your post-sales needs, be it an offshore or an onsite requirement.

Wonderware Skelta BPM Professional Services offers you the following services:

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Application Development

Wonderware Skelta BPM users are often amazed at how this product lends itself to any number of business process uses. If you have a requirement that you believe can be met by building an application around our product, contact us. We will create a solution that is just right for you


Application Integration

Application integration services are geared towards software developers and development companies that wish to integrate Wonderware Skelta BPM. We provide exhaustive technical support that you may need to embed Wonderware Skelta BPM as an OEM solution.


We understand that some businesses have special needs that require specific solutions. We also offer development services to customize our products. We take up customization on a case to case basis after a feasibility study of the requirements

Amongst a host of other services, we also offer Professional Services Consulting Packs. These packs are designed to not only accelerate your process automation efforts, but also review the application implementation and optimize your business processes to ensure efficiency.

ArrowBring in process implementation experience
ArrowJump start your first process implementation
ArrowStart with best-practices configuration
ArrowGain valuable knowledge from BPM pioneers
ArrowAvoid pitfalls of enterprise implementation and gain from our consulting experience
ArrowAvoid any surprises once the application is live
ArrowIncrease efficiency and throughput
ArrowTransfer valuable knowledge to your workforce
ArrowIdentify and correct today's performance issues which can cause tomorrow's failures
ArrowGain on optimized workflow design
ArrowMaximize utilization of Wonderware Skelta BPM in application integration
ArrowEnsure faster end user acceptance of the solution
ArrowEnsure optimum application performance
ArrowEnsure data and workflow integrity
ArrowBenefit from comprehensive analysis

Wonderware Skelta BPM Product Training

We believe that a software product is only as effective as its user. We provide training programs to help our users get the best out of Wonderware products.

We have a wide range of training options for content, duration and media. Training programs are conducted onsite, online through webinars and in-house at our corporate headquarters. Programs are of different time durations and range from 3 days to a maximum of 5. We also offer separate programs with content specific to different user groups such as developers, end users, and process managers.

Onsite Training

Onsite training is conducted by one or more Wonderware Skelta BPM Trainers at your premises. This option allows your users to be trained without having to leave their offices. Schedules for onsite training are customized to address specific requirements.


Online Training

Online training webinars are scheduled to provide live product demos on the Internet where trainees can interact with our experts. This option provides users with a condensed training program that saves time and is delivered right to the desks of users. Both Basic and Advanced courses are available to meet the training needs of users at different levels.

Offshore Training

Offshore training is conducted by a team of trainers and technical resources at the Wonderware local office. Training offered in this option is further enriched by proximity to the Wonderware Skelta BPM development team and ready access to their collective knowledge. Offshore training also provides a forum to meet other Wonderware Skelta BPM users and exchange user experiences.

Email us at or call us at + 91 80 4060 2600 / 1 678 306 4110 to know more about our implementation services.

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