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Wonderware Skelta BPM Process Designer
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Skelta Process Designer is an intuitive visual tool that offers an integrated workflow process design and deployment tool for use by Business Process Owners, Developers and Technical architects; and ISVs. Wonderware Skelta BPM's graphical Process Designer is a 100% web based tool that enables BPM practitioners to define processes to achieve organizational objectives.

Wonderware Skelta BPM's Process Designer enables a collaborative work environment that supports cross functional communication. Audit trails maintained throughout the business process lifecycle from design and deployment to optimization ensure fully compliant processes in line with organizational objectives.


Human Workflow Services:

Process Designer
  • Dynamic assignment of tasks based on roles, name, designation or any other attribute present in the resource database. 
  • Multi-level calendars for managing resource availability
  • Use of alternate actors when resources are not available
  • Queue management for management of resources performing similar functions.  Skelta Queue Management allows automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes of task dispatch. FIFO, LIFO, and Round-robin are some of the algorithms supported.
  • Escalation mechanisms to ensure tasks are never delayed
  • Multi channel task notification set up at the design level


Comprehensive non human activities:

Skelta Process Designer intuitively supports a range of non human activities for Communication, Database creation, Exception handling, Designing custom Human Activity, Engine Activity or a SharePoint Activity and the use and creation of Workflow wizards.


One Click Deployment:

Skelta processes can be easily deployed with a single mouse-click.  The Deploy option in the Process Designer automatically maintains process versions.  Deployed versions can also be rolled back to a previous version.



  • An easy and intuitive web-based process modeler
  • Easily create, group, zoom in, export, and distribute process designs amongst stakeholders
  • Graphical drag and drop interface for process definition
  • Rich design experience on browser
  • More than 50 out- of-the-box workflow activities
  • Support for human and non human activities within a workflow
  • One click process deployment


  • AJAX based ASP.NET server control
  • Internet browser based and requires no plug-in
  • Provides a comprehensive set of "Actions" or "Standard Activities"
  • Easy process definition through wizards
  • Provision to save and maintain multiple versions of process definitions
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