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Wondeware Skelta Graphical Forms Designer
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Skelta Forms Designer is an evolved, drag and drop based, process and forms design tool that puts the control in the hands of analysts and process owners. Skelta Forms Designer enables users to map out each business process; design forms; associate with workflows.

  • Forms are published in a web based format
  • Use Forms to facilitate data capture
  • Trigger workflows using Forms

Skelta Forms feature a full set of controls including File attachment, Date-time picker, Memo field, Digital signature and Grid Control.

Wonderware Skelta BPM's Forms Designer space Forms Designer



  • Process aware Forms. Can be built once and reused at different stages and for different actions in the process
  • Rapid Form Development
  • Bridge the IT and user divide with a complete graphic interface


  • 100% web-based forms designer with an AJAX-based WYSIWYG editor to create rich browser-based forms.
  • Layout painter for specifying HTML layouts and for forms preview and testing.
  • Link forms easily to processes and even call forms from within process workflows.
  • Validation rules to eliminate data entry errors and useful tool tips to guide users during data entry.
  • Manage versioning and security of forms
  • Create complex forms for use in processes using a simplified drag and drop interface for image assisted paperless processes.
  • Custom control and Data Grid


Linking Forms to workflow processes

Wonderware Skelta BPM's Forms Designer has a toolset that is complete with drawing, import, and text tools to ensure you have the precise control to generate professional quality forms.

The created forms are then mapped to the relevant steps in the process workflow. The data mapping between the form fields and process attributes can easily be associated in the control property sheets. The end users interact with this screen while performing tasks, and data entered into these forms are passed to and from the process seamlessly. The Forms Designer also provides tools to apply validation rules or formulas, in the form. Validation rules eliminate data entry errors when users type values into the form. It also provides users with useful tool tips to guide them, when they fill the forms.

Skelta Forms Designer provides a complete toolset with easy to use drag and drop interface to generate forms, along with a detailed alignment and layering toolbar to design complex forms. It includes capabilities that support Rapid Application Development - from creating rich user interfaces to delivering service mashups and composite applications. Business users can quickly design forms, maintain form templates, define a form's business logic, and edit and preview existing forms.

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