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Wonderware Skelta BAM enables continuous business monitoring and improvement for true operational resilience. Wonderware Skelta BPM's advanced functionality Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool gives organizations powerful leverage to adapt to ever changing market dynamics.

Business and Process Owners are offered extensive Business Intelligence capabilities through drill down process reports. Configurable KPI's and proactive, multi channel alerts of business exceptions augment the Wonderware Skelta BAM tool as an invaluable component of BPM for organizations.




Wonderware Skelta BAM’s enhanced Dashboard features multiple views for dynamic display of workflow data. Get graphical reports with Process Execution view, simplified Process Design Analyst views, Progress and Execution Views on Wonderware Skelta BAM’s web-based dashboard for a detailed monitoring of your workflow process.

Enable Role based or customized Dashboards based on user data stored in Skelta Lists or Inbox. Wonderware Skelta BAM also allows embedding of third party web parts and supports out-of-the-box homepage lay-outs for easy customization.

BAM Security

Configure permissions for various BAM features and set access rights such as View Global Reports, View Owned Reports and View Triggered reports at Skelta Repository and List level. BAM security also allows secure configuration settings for KPI’s, Overdue Analysis, Performance Analysis, etc. for controlled views of sensitive information.




Skelta BAM configuration allows setting up critical performance measurement criteria for a workflow. Configure KPIs to define activity thresholds and also define key Performance Analysis criteria for work to be monitored for resource analysis, work and resource performance.


  • Tracks workflow activities for accelerated business efficiency
  • Productivity tracking to eliminate workflow bottlenecks
  • Get dynamic alerts with real-time email notification of violations for business level policies and SLAs.
  • Exhaustive reports on automated exception handling defined through customizable KPIs


  • Extensive and drilled down  Reporting capabilities
  • Powerful Dashboard views
  • Reports delivery as embedded graphs on email
  • Several out-of-the box reporting and activity monitoring views
  • Customized Dashboard views for different people or functions
  • Support for embedding of web parts
  • Support for out-of-the-box homepage lay-outs
  • Strong Microsoft Outlook Integration
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