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Business Process Management and Workflow Tool
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Wonderware Skelta BPM’s 100% embeddable architecture empowers Independent Software Vendors and OEMs to drive customer responsiveness and agility through its powerful BPM and workflow functionality.

  • Retain your existing brand:
    • Leverage on Wonderware Skelta BPM’s white labelled business process management capabilities
  • Differentiate your offerings:
    • Get powerful BPM functionality in your existing product with 100% embeddable Wonderware Skelta BPM software.
    • Embed in SaaS BPM implementations for subscription models and low end user costs
    • Gain traction with Wonderware Skelta BPM’s early adoption of the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Rapid ROI:
    • Easy BPM and advanced workflow tools for quick adoption
    • Improve customer footprint with an enhanced BPM offering
    • Diversify into new markets
    • Faster time to market
    • Rapid Development
  • Seamless end user experience with completely embeddable BPM functionality under the hood.
  • Post sales training and support.

The first 100% embeddable BPM Workflow framework on the Microsoft .NET platform, Wonderware Skelta BPM leverages on Windows Workflow Foundation to facilitate rapid application integration and development.

key features

Key Features:

  • 100% embeddable workflow framework for rapid integration
  • XML Variable User Interface/Web Services
  • Human Workflow Services for enhanced task, identity and user management
  • Powerful workflow engine with native clustering and active-active load balancing
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and other Microsoft technologies

Wonderware Skelta BPM Partnership program

Wonderware Skelta BPM Partnership program

Wonderware Skelta BPM Partnership Program offers several types of partnerships with various value-added benefits. The program is the approach to augment your competitive edge in the BPM market today. Whether you are a OEM, VAR, or an GLOBAL SI partnering with us provides you access to world-class products backed by excellent service. We believe that growth is fuelled by strong partners and we are committed to building long-term, mutually sustaining relationships with our partners.

Here is how the Wonderware Skelta BPM OEM program can add value to your business:

  • Opens up new markets - BPM-enabling your products provided you immediate access to the $6 billion market for BPM-enabled applications and services
  • Enhance value to existing customers
  • Provide end-user advanced BPM workflow functionality from within your products and services – Wonderware Skelta is the most cost-effective way to add sophisticated workflow features to your solutions or products
  • Advantages of price concessions for sales and support - Wonderware Skelta BPM offers extremely competitive rates to OEM partners
  • Access the latest in BPM technology – Wonderware Skelta BPM OEM partners are automatically entitled to software upgrades and updates

For more information on Wonderware Skelta BPM’s OEM programs,
visit the OEM section.