Schneider Electric's industrial software business and AVEVA have merged to create a new global leader in engineering and industrial software. For more details click here.

Within the last couple of years, IoT has slowly started to penetrate markets as businesses and organizations have started contemplating the value that combining IoT within business process management (BPM) programs could bring to an organization. This brings in analytics, social and mobile capabilities into current processes and the applications that can lead to much desired agility with regard to critical business decisions.

Businesses can achieve higher levels of flexibility, efficiency, and responsiveness, and this merger of technologies can help organizations better support evolving business requirements with robust process modelling tools, standards, and best practices.

Access our latest whitepaper to understand the impact of business process management & IoT to learn how this end state of the merger translates to more revenue saved and more revenue earned.

Wonderware Skelta BPM from Schneider Electric is an advanced business process management and workflow product, assists enterprises across the globe to automate and optimize business processes. Enterprises trust Wonderware Skelta BPM to improve process efficiency, increased collaboration, and better integration with IT systems, rapid deployment & other benefits. A powerful model driven development framework delivers solutions for any business function across several industries.

Wonderware Skelta BPM
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