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Wonderware Skelta BPM believes that growth is fuelled by strong partners and is committed to building long-term, mutually sustaining relationships with its partners.

Wonderware Skelta BPM has developed partnerships with Value Added Resellers (VARs), System Integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Global System Integrators.

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  • Rawaya Saudi Arabia EMEA SI
  • Rawaya

    Rawaya is a Saudi based company, specialized in delivering trustworthy, cost effective and cutting-edge solutions to the modern businesses, considering the agility in delivering valuable outcomes.

    The company has a clear customer focused strategy, providing a variety of specialized computing services, including:
    • Business Process Management projects implementation and consultation
    • Cloud-based accounting, invoicing and inventory management
    • Microsoft Solutions; Office 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint and CRM

  • Suretech Saudi Arabia EMEA SI
  • Sure Technology & Consulting

    Sure Technology & Consulting (SURE) is a leading consulting, information technology, and professional services firm based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Committed to make a difference, SURE partners with its clients to help them become high-performanced and productive businesses.

    SURE ranks as one of the fastest growing IT companies in the region. The CEO and senior management team brings considerable management experience and talent to the firm.

  • Technology Control Company Saudi Arabia EMEA SI
  • Technology Control Company

    - BLANK -

  • IKG Solutions Saudi Arabia EMEA VAR
  • IKG Solutions

    - BLANK -

  • Mwasala UAE EMEA VAR
  • Mwasala

    Mwasala is a leading software solutions provider headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It specializes in delivering high-quality, process-driven, cost-effective solutions & services that help organizations operate efficiently.

    Mwasala is a preferred name in both Government and Private Sectors.


    GISTEC is a professional GIS services company specializing in the development of intelligent, enterprise wide geospatial solutions for clients in a variety of disciplines and industries. GISTEC does not just sell these software products, but develops solutions to meet the unique business requirements of its customers. GISTEC has a large Clientele majorly in govenrment sector.

  • Khatib & Alami UAE EMEA VAR
  • Khatib & Alami

    - BLANK -

  • Finesse UAE EMEA VAR
  • Finesse

    - BLANK -

  • Innovative Software Technologies UAE EMEA VAR
  • Innovative Software Technologies

    - BLANK -

  • BPaS

    - BLANK -

  • MTS Egypt EMEA SI
  • MTS

    - BLANK -

  • One1 Israel EMEA SI
  • One1

    One1 is one of Israel's top three IT companies. It is a publicly listed company on the Israeli Stock Exchange. One1 provides a complete array of computing services,One1 Home for IT - with over 1,500 clients across a variety of industries, including: Telecom, High tech, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, trade and more.

    One1 employs more than 2,500 employees located in Israel and abroad. The company has a clear customer focused strategy, and provides a variety of computing services including;

    • Development & Management of IT Projects
    • Local & International ERP Solutions
    • Local & International solutions and products
    • Consulting, Training and Offshore services
    • Outsourcing
    • Risk Management and Regulations
    • Training Center - One1 College, Oracle Academy
    • Integration, Infrastructure, and Hardware services

  • COVIS Germany EMEA SI

    - BLANK -

  • Piramide Netherlands EMEA OEM
  • Piramide

    Piramide Groep, an IT services with expertise to manage complete IT infrastructure optimally. Piramide Groep has over 100 employees and is located in The Netherland. Piramide Groep caters to various industries via 4 business units

    1. Pyramid Finance - Software for pension providers, banks and insurance companies, among others Beleggersgiro Software (BGS) and Innovact Suite.
    2. IT for Building / Infrastructure- Software for construction and project development include and
    3. IT Projects - Technology partner for Net Development, Microsoft SharePoint, Design, Business Process Management and Business Intelligence.
    4. ICT Services - ICT partner for Managed Services, Hosting and Cloud Services.

    As a software supplier with 27 years of experience, Piramide Groep is flexible and is able to act quickly to changing market demands and conditions. Distinguished by their knowledge and expertise in the field of IT, they are the leaders in the market segments in which they operate through and through.

  • Extendys Netherlands EMEA IS
  • Extendys

    - BLANK -

  • Mikrocop Slovenia EMEA OEM
  • Mikrocop

    Mikrocop is a Slovenian company offering document management solutions. Mikrocop help businesses to comprehensively regulate, standardize and automate document management processes, thereby effectively connecting paper and electronic commerce. Their business vision is to strengthen their position as a leading and best quality service in efficient document management and long-term electronic preservation in the Adriatic region.

  • Jenus Technologies Cyprus EMEA SI
  • Jenus Technologies

    - BLANK -

  • EMC USA Americas OEM
  • EMC Corporation

    EMC ApplicationXtender is a content management solution that meets the demands of line-of-business applications, yet is enterprise-ready for broader implementations both on and off premises. ApplicationXtender scans, stores, retrieves, and preserves information, while providing role-based access from nearly any device or web browser.

  • CSSI USA Americas OEM
  • CSSI

    Computer Support Services, Inc. (CSSI) continues to serve its customers as a trusted technology advisor. Started originally as a datacenter for accounting software used by regional companies, CSSI has evolved over the years into a complete A-to-Z technology solution provider. CSSI now offers services and solutions across four distinct product lines: Barcoding and Mobility Solutions, Workflow and Document Management Software, Microsoft and 3rd-Party Software, and Custom Software Development.

  • Aptean USA Americas OEM
  • Aptean

    Aptean is a leading provider of industry-focused mission critical enterprise software solutions. They build and acquire solutions to support the evolving operational needs of our customers. Their solutions help nearly 5,000 organizations stay at the forefront of their industries by satisfying their customers and continuing to operate more efficiently.

  • Accruent USA Americas OEM
  • Accruent

    - BLANK -

  • APF (Alexander ProudFoot) USA Americas OEM
  • APF (Alexander ProudFoot)

    Alexander Proudfoot helps executives achieve their revenue and profit goals with greater speed, predictability and control. Business leaders who need substantial results in a short amount of time rely on Proudfoot to work hand-in-hand with their people

  • InfoTech Canada Canada Americas OEM
  • InfoTech Canada

    Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Eastern Canada (St. John's), with additional resources in Halifax, Saint John, and Ottawa - Infotech provides productivity solutions for the workplace. Infotech is a Microsoft Certified Partner – Information Worker Solutions with a highly qualified staff of system and software architects, developers, business analysts, project managers, network engineers, and support personnel that represent a cohesive and capable organization that delivers results. Infotech delivers highly-scalable productivity solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies including: SharePoint Products and Technologies, Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions, Microsoft .NET Applications, InfoPath Solutions, Information Architecture and Microsoft Office System Integration and Upgrades.

  • Western Union USA Americas Direct
  • Western Union

    - BLANK -

  • Infostrata Products UK EMEA SI
  • Infostrata Products

    InfoStrata Products is a UK based provider of products and services that enables organisations to develop and automate their business processes. The company has considerable experience in building BPM business solutions for a range of customers spanning both public and private sectors. InfoStrata first worked with Skelta workflow in 2005, so has considerable understanding of what is possible with BPM in general and Wonderware Skelta in particular. We are highly conversant with the Microsoft stack plus online environments, including Azure and SharePoint.

  • Solgenia Italy EMEA OEM & SI
  • Solgenia

    Solgenia Group is an Italian reality in ICT sector. Since more than 15 years, Solgenia Group has been working in ICT market, offering companies software and technologies to renew their organization and reach the highest level of productivity and competitiveness.

    Solgenia solutions include all the innovations to optimize processes and operations, improve users’ relations and share information. In addition to a complete and articulated offering in the ERP market, the group offers solutions in Business Intelligence, CRM, HR, Management Transfer, Logistics and SCM, Unified Communication, reliability and security of networks and systems.

    Solgenia Corporation maintains offices in USA, Italy, Germany, UK, México and has entered into strategic alliances with Microsoft, HP, Oracle, IBM, Wiredred.

    Over the years, Solgenia has satisfied the needs of over 1,500 customers in a wide range of business sectors: manufacturing, finance, services: Banca Intesa, Unicredit Banca, Poste Italiane, GE Capital, Eurotech, Socotherm, Crif Decision Solution, Imaforni Int’l, IMIT e Culligan Italiana.

    The Group works through four specialized companies that offer a wide range of solutions and services in the field of business management, collaboration and communication: SOLGENIA S.p.a., GRUPPO PRO S.p.a., WEBGENIA S.r.l, ALGOL S.r.l. More...

  • Unisys Portugal EMEA SI
  • Unisys

    Unisys is a worldwide information technology company providing a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that solves critical problems for clients. They specialize in helping clients secure their operations, increase the efficiency and utilization of their data centers, enhance support to their end users and constituents, and modernize their enterprise applications. To provide these services and solutions, Unisys brings together offerings and capabilities in outsourcing services, systems integration and consulting services, infrastructure services, maintenance services, and high-end server technology. With more than 27,000 employees, Unisys serves commercial organizations and government agencies throughout the world. For more information, visit

    Unisys has a strong heritage in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions - developing, integrating and deploying applications for major public and private sector organizations for 15 years - namely in Financial Services, Telecommunications and Government. Key benefits of Unisys ECM solutions include: significant productivity increase; improved compliance to new regulations (e.g. SOX, HIPAA, Real ID); improved customer service and satisfaction; maximizes the value of existing system(s); improves control over and security of organizational processes; enables better and faster decision making; manages vast amounts of data/content across disparate archives.

    The Unisys 3D BlueprintingTM approach is both a strategy for business transformation and an agility-driven architecture. It is a mean for mapping business strategies and processes to underlying applications and IT infrastructure. A Unisys' typical engagement model is to start with a Unisys 3D BlueprintTM document, a state-of-the-art digital model of the process or solution being addressed. Starting with this broad view, Unisys then tailors the 3D Blueprint to your unique requirements: workflow and alignment from each department's perspective, and how those linkages connect through the layers of your organization: strategy, process, applications and infrastructure. Weaving together seemingly unrelated processes, Unisys builds a clear visual map understood by everyone, from top leaders to system architects. All speaking the same language - and thus all seeing the same blueprinted reality - a visible organization is one better equipped to make the right decisions.

  • DocoSoft United Kingdom EMEA OEM
  • DocoSoft

    - BLANK -

  • Logica Sweden EMEA OEM
  • Logica

    Logica is a business and technology service company, employing 41,000 people. It provides business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world, including many of Europe's largest businesses. Logica creates value for clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology. It is committed to long term collaboration, applying insight to create innovative answers to clients' business needs.

  • Innova IT Turkey EMEA VER
  • Innova IT

    iNNOVA IT Solutions Inc. is a Turkey based company that provides consultancy, application development, technical support and training services in a wide range of fields from determining corporate information systems strategies to correct architectural construction; to fortification with backbone applications; to integrating new technological solutions required by constant change with previous investments and to operational support which will lead to the optimum functioning of systems. Their solutions in diverse fields, such as electronic payment infrastructures, electronic bill issuance and collection, corporate resource planning, operational systems, portals, corporate security and kiosk systems carry forward their business partners to e-business processes through new business models.

  • Sgainnovar Equador Americas OEM
  • Sgainnovar

    - BLANK -

  • Torvic Technologies   Americas OEM
  • Torvic Technologies

    TORViC Technologies, Inc. is an unmatched "Thought Leader" in the Technology Integration space. They profitably and effectively manage systems development from idea to commercialization. TORViC Technologies, Inc. is a business competency center, whose staff specialize in delivering innovative and market leading capabilities, within the areas of SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT, BUSINESS CONSULTING, and SERVICES DELIVERY.

  • Coreworx Inc.   Americas OEM
  • Coreworx Inc.

    Coreworx builds integrated project information management software & solutions for the world’s engineering and construction projects. Coreworx is used around the world and across many industries to connect teams, keep stakeholders informed with accurate information, and ensure team members are compliant with defined processes.

  • ParsUnion Australia & New Zealand APAC VAR\SI
  • ParsUnion

    ParsUnion is a team of highly skilled management consultants with unrivalled commitment and agility in delivering business outcomes. We bring together a deep experience-based understanding of the issues and trends of key industry sectors, with an intimate knowledge of business processes, operational processes and management systems. Perhaps, that's why we see things others don't.

    Combine with our extensive global network of partner companies and suppliers enable us to reach quickly and flexibly to develop innovative solutions, working in collaboration with our clients

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