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Solgenia Freedoc
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A formidable player in the international ICT arena, Solgenia is composed of business units unified by a common vision and goal - to offer end-to-end cloud solutions to its customers.

The Solgenia group business activities are divided into two complementary and synergetic units.

  1. Design and development of software solutions for Cloud Computing
  2. IT consultancy, integration, security and infrastructure managed services

The above strategic alignment is reflected in the organizational structure that originates from Solgenia S.p.A. – a holding company that operates through its subsidiaries with interests in developing Cloud Platform and Infrastructure solutions, Cloud Computing software, and a retention of focus on cloud IT services.

Featured Wonderware Skelta OEM Product – Solgenia Freedoc Enterprise Content & Business Process Management


Share information, streamline workflows, and maximize productivity

Solgenia Freedoc is a complete Enterprise Content Document Management (ECDM) sand business process management solution that helps organizations effectively store and electronically manage information over its lifecycle.

The Freedoc Content Document Management suite provides a centralized, optimized environment for managing content, including document storage, check-out/check-in, version control, search, security, publication and archival. Freedoc’s innovative collaboration tools enable users to aggregate, organize and distribute valuable content, making it accessible to others with different applications and business processes. Information assets when universally accessible, increases individual and group productivity while decreasing the operating costs.

Freedoc offers rich feature modules to streamline information flows within your organization and with customers, suppliers and other third parties. Its speed and simplicity for information collection, storage and distribution provides users with up-to-date, contextualized information for their specific needs. Freedoc’s tools for designing and implementing workflows automate business processes to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Solgeia Snapshot



Contact InformationContact information

Via Sandro Pertini 87, 06049,
Madonna Di Lugo , Spoleto, Italy

Principal ProductsSolgenia Principal products

Solgenia Freedoc – Solgenia WebLive –
Solgenia Blix – Solgenia Analisys –
Solgenia ProJ –Solgenia Facsys –
Solgenia Cloud Platform


Contact InformationOffice:

United States of America, Italy,
Canada and Mexico


200+ partners globally

CustomerIndustry Verticals:

Telecommunications, Manufacturing,
Financial Services & more.
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Solgenia Freedoc components

Document Management

Document Management

A central, shared repository for information assets, combined with sophisticated document management features – check-out/check-in, version control, search, permissions, publication and archival. Local and remote users can share content easily through Freedoc’s web portal and keep track of document usage and modifications with versioning and audit log. The solution also includes a comprehensive workflow for authoring web content in a distributed, collaborative environment. Request more information


Social Collaboration

A centrally accessible web portal to publish and organize information, enabling local and remote users to easily share knowledge with colleagues. Request more information


Mobile Collaboration

Mobile Collaboration

Allows users to access business documents from smartphones and tablets on the go, while ensuring synchronization with the central repository and maintaining the security. Request more information


Business Workflow

A powerful application for designing and implementing business processes and internal workflows, enabling a systemic approach to improving business processes through the integration of IT and management methodologies. Request more information

Business Workfow

About Skelta BPM:

Wonderware Skelta BPM provides enterprises with a strong and collaborative platform to automate and optimize the business processes along with 100% embeddable web-based architecture for application development.

Wonderware Skelta BPM is utilized as an embeddable OEM solution and also as a platform or framework to build BPM enabled applications. Evaluate BPM software online to experience Wonderware Skelta BPM.

Wonderware Skelta BPM built on today's cutting-edge Microsoft technologies is being used by enterprises across the globe today to gain maximum efficiencies. Whether you are an OEM, VAR, or a GLOBAL SI, partnering withWonderware by Schneider Electric provides you access to world-class products backed by excellent service. We believe that growth is fuelled by strong partners and we are committed to building long-term, mutually sustaining relationships with our partners.

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