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Skelta Business Process Management for the Retail sector
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The Retail Industry today is a complex sector with multiple supply chains, rising cost of resources, compliance to FMCG mandates, distributed sales channels, continuous customer onBoarding and constant innovation with the consumer goods mix on offer.

The key operational areas in the Retail sector include store operations, marketing as well as back office transactional departments and these processes need to be made available on a standard platform across the organization for operational efficiency.

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Key Benefits:

Wonderware Skelta BPM offers an agile, dynamic and effective solution for the Retail sector for achieving significant cost efficiencies:

  • Facilitate quicker time to market for your products
  • Visible and efficient supply chain network
  • Collaboration across distributed sales networks and the supplier value chain
  • Strategize on product innovation with quick movement of consumer goods to multiple retail outlets
  • Obtain real time Information
  • Standardize processes in key operational areas
  • Standardized and streamlined processes that save costs and improve the bottom line
  • Customer engagement and swift onBoarding through optimized processes for dynamic customer response and time to market
  • Enterprise Integration for unified view of process and departmental performance


Key Highlights:

Visibility and Transparency:
  • End-to-end organizational visibility
  • React faster to exceptions and improve operational efficiency
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) for performance measurement
  • Role based dashboards enable executive level and drill down views
  • Easily identify and remove process bottlenecks
  • Define KPIs and trigger exception notifications
  • Leverage past performance data to constantly innovate on product mix for channels
Flexible Process Modelling:
  • Make continuous process improvements easily with a graphical drag and drop Process Designer
  • Define process parameters linking activities to skill
  • Organize, Schedule and Distribute tasks

Integration capabilities:
  • Native adapters for existing technologies and applications
  • Develop process links with the value chain
  • Consolidate and analyze data in real time
Business Activity Monitoring:
  • Evaluate vendor performance
  • Track product cycle times and leverage the information
  • Track overall organizational performance and make critical change
  • Improve response time
  • Improve Inventory Control

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