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Skelta Business Process Management Software for industry verticals
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Leverage on Wonderware Skelta BPM software's domain expertise derived from a global customer base for smart, industry specific business processes.

Wonderware Skelta BPM's rapid application development platform enables:

  • Building of composite applications from the ground up for any Industry Vertical
  • Horizontal solutions on its scalable framework for any business area

Leverage Wonderware Skelta BPM software for:

  • Out-of-the-box solutions for Accounts Payable and Document Management
  • Solutions for common business areas such as Human Resource Information Systems, Leave Management Systems, Enterprise Risk Management etc.

BPM Spotlight:

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Industry Verticals:

  • BPO:
    Manage adherence to SLAs, accelerate productivity with advanced Queue management and multiple task dispatch patterns ... More...
  • Aerospace and Defence:
    The complex manufacturing life cycle and supply chain associated with Aerospace need to be managed and optimized for real bottom line benefits ... More...
  • Automotive:
    Shortening cycles for PLM through BI tools and a Collaborative BPM platform is the key to success for the automotive sector ... More...
  • Banking and Financial Products and Services:
    The recent economic downturn and constantly changing business environment are forcing financial institutions to consider revenue streams from new markets, make significant cut backs in operational costs ... More...

  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences:
    Stringent quality compliance, adherence to mandates such as HIPAA, end-to-end document management for Operational efficiency ... More...
  • Retail and Consumer Goods:
    Facilitate quicker time to market and a visible, efficient supply chain for consumer goods delivery to various retail channels ... More...
  • Government:
    Wonderware Skelta BPM's advanced workflow functionality and end-to-end document management solution help increase public service efficiency in the Government sector ... More...

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