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Skelta BPM for Aerospace and Defence Industry
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Equipment manufacturers for the Aerospace and Defence sector are facing fiscal challenges that require them to trim profit margins and pass on the benefit to customers in order to win contracts. The complex manufacturing life cycle and supply chain associated with Aerospace need to be managed and optimized for real bottom line benefits.

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Key Process Challenges in Aerospace and Defence

  • Effective management of the Value chain:
    • Collaboration across the value chain including outsource partners and vendors for real cost efficiencies
    • Supply chain visibility that allows bottlenecks to be proactively identified
  • Quality and Safety Compliance
    • Effective deployment, monitoring and management of adherence to safety and quality standards
  • Data Management
    • High volumes of critical project and technical data to be managed
    • Varying degrees of data management complexities
    • Incidence Occurrence Management
  • Unified Solutions
    • Integrating existing applications for business intelligence
    • Unifying several legacy applications on a common BPM platform for ROI on IT infrastructure

Wonderware Skelta BPM for Aerospace and Defence

Wonderware Skelta BPM's full cycle business process management platform enables several efficiencies that address industry specific challenges:

  • Connectors: With Out-of-the-box SAP LOB connectors and adapters for Axapta and BizTalk leverage existing ERP and vendor management solutions. Improve on vendor performance and facilitate core process improvements.
  • Process Designer: 100% web based graphical Process Designer enables flexible process modelling and dynamic response to business change
  • Workflow Engine: Strong workflow capabilities allow information routing across multiple structures for approvals and task completion, on secure channels. Leaves trails for project audits and identifies areas of improvement for core business activities. Streamlines core and auxillary industry functions for operational efficiency
  • BAM and KPI's: Wonderware Skelta BPM's Business analysis tool provides performance overviews and allows monitoring of performance and tasks on Aerospace projects through a graphical interface. This allows companies to define organizational specific KPI's for performance monitoring across the board.
  • Information Management: Coupled with the Wonderware Skelta Document Management System, Wonderware Skelta BPM provides a powerful platform for managing, tracking and using business related documents and contracts within business processes. This allows for tracking of documents through every step within the process workflow.

In order to reduce operating costs, manufacturers have identified business process efficiency as the vital factor for business success. To accomplish this, Aerospace companies need to streamline their complex business systems consisting of diverse components.

A process centric BPM approach in the sector ensures the following benefits:

  • Reduced time and errors through Enterprise wide collaboration
  • Automatic work routing and notifications across groups, business partners, and customers.
  • Business Intelligence:
    • Role based graphical Dashboards
    • Clear and drilled down performance views to monitor and identify areas for business process improvement
    • Real-time visibility and control over processes - managers can view real-time process performance and proactively manage bottlenecks.
  • Maximized ROI on IT investments. Leverage existing applications and extend the value and life of core systems by aligning application data with process workflows.
  • Process Control and Adherence to standards:
    • Business Process Modelling for performance consistency
    • Ensures adherence to safety regulations and quality standards
    • Audit trails through versioning and tracking of actions taken on tasks can also be maintained.
  • Vendor Management: Automate core processes such as vendor selection and qualification and ensure faster task completions through advanced approval and workflow capabilities included in BPM systems.

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