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Cost savings and maximum productivity are the two key result areas on which BPO industry success rests. With the shifting patterns in the Global economy, the need to outsource business services has never been more pronounced than it is now. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers are always faced with the challenge of continually seeking better ways to run profitable operations. The BPO sector has for long shown potential to be profitable, but has been unable to meet goals in terms of profit margins. Additionally, long term fixed priced BPO contracts in the backdrop of escalating operational costs have necessitated process innovation in this sector.

Wonderware Skelta BPM ensures that BPO service providers can rapidly define, modify and deploy processes cost effectively while at the same time providing for continuous monitoring of performance and projection of resource requirements. Wonderware Skelta BPM's industry specific BPO solution enables BPO service providers to

  • Increase efficiencies through optimized SLA management
  • Decrease operational costs by 30%
  • Increase bottom-lines.

Visit our BPO solutions page for a detailed overview of the Wonderware Skelta Business Process Management for BPO industry solution.

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