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Skelta BPM joins the ranks of Technology Evaluation Centers Certified solutions

TEC CertifiedBangalore 6th March, 2014: Invensys Skelta announced today that its business process management solution has been certified by the Technology Evaluation Center. The rigorous TEC certification program requires a formal, comprehensive product demonstration to senior TEC analysts in the BPM space, based on more than 600 user requirements.

TEC helps organizations of all sizes to evaluate and select the best enterprise software to meet their unique needs. The backbone of this decision support service is TEC Advisor™ - an online evaluation and selection tool permitting users to compare solutions in more than 75 application areas. Skelta BPM has now made the cut to be part of this extensive tool in the BPM evaluation center, where visitors can interactively review its support for key requirements of a BPM solution.

"Skelta BPM is indeed a product to keep an eye on. Built to comply with .NET technology, it provides users with advanced BPM technology, as well as an embeddable solution for organizations working with Microsoft-based infrastructures," says Jorge Garcia, TEC's senior analyst in the BPM space. "Skelta's integration capabilities work alongside strong process modeling features to provide reliable and agile ways to design and implement."

Skelta BPM is a 100 percent embeddable enterprise-class BPM software with a proven track record across several industry verticals. Skelta BPM's powerful BPM and advanced workflow solution, as well as its ready-to-deploy frameworks, helps organizations realize overall business goals, meet revenue objectives and achieve operational excellence.

In the coming weeks, Garcia will publish his detailed analyst review report containing his summary on Skelta BPM's highlights, as well as its competitive, dominant, and average functionalities as measured against the average solution in the business process management solution software space.

Visit the Skelta BPM showcase page on the TEC site to learn more about its support capabilities and key features: Skelta BPM on TEC's IT Showcase

About TEC
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is the leading advocate for the enterprise software purchaser. Over 2 million decision-makers visit TEC's Website each month to use our unique decision support system, TEC Advisor™, to access information on hundreds of solutions and to download objective research & evaluation reports. TEC helps private – and public – sector organizations choose the best enterprise software solutions for their unique business needs – quickly, impartially, and cost – effectively.

About Skelta BPM
Skelta Business Process Management (BPM) provides enterprises with a strong and collaborative platform that automates the sequence of human, system and document centric activities that are required to complete specific business goals. Skelta BPM's rich features provide tools for graphical modelling and improving end-to-end business processes.

Apart from being used as a stand–alone BPM software, Skelta BPM is utilized as an embeddable OEM solution and also as a Business Application Platform to build BPM enabled horizontal solutions such as Accounts Payable, Document Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Leave Management System and Human Resource Information System for various industries ranging from Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Retail, Government, Healthcare, Banking and Finance and many more. More information on Skelta BPM