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Skelta plans to build the next version of Skelta Workflow.NET on Microsoft Windows® Workflow Foundation (WF)

September 23, 2005 - Skelta Software, a leading solution provider in the BPM workflow space, announced its plans to build the next version of their award-winning product Skelta Workflow.NET on Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation(WF). Skelta’s 2006 release of Skelta Workflow.NET will be based on the Windows Workflow Foundation.

Skelta Workflow.NET is built entirely on Microsoft's .NET technology and features high integration capabilities with Microsoft products like SharePoint Server/Services, InfoPath, BizTalk Server and Content Management Server. Skelta's CEO, Sanjay Shah said "Being an early adopter of new Microsoft technologies is a cornerstone of our technology strategy. We hope to leverage on the Windows Workflow Foundation architecture to deliver an even more flexible and robust workflow framework. Working on Windows Workflow Foundation will allow us to focus more effectively on expanding our product suite to an end-to-end BPM solution. For instance, we will now be able to provide new functionality such as Simulation, Live Debugging, Rich Analysis tools, and complete support for web, win forms and mobile devices. Skelta is probably the only vendor who will continue to provide tools for developers and ISVs, for rapid integration of workflow in their applications, as well as Enterprise Customers looking for ready-to-go, enterprise-class BPM functionalities to enable information workers to design, participate and analyze workflows on a continuous basis. All this on Windows Workflow Foundation as a core platform.”

Skelta Workflow.NET 2004 has won a slew of industry awards for its innovative embeddable framework, including the prestigious Best of TechEd in the Software Components Category.

“Skelta will continue to make feature enhancements to the current version of our product”, Sanjay Shah added. “The next major release, which is slated for launch in the last quarter of this year, will have significant improvements such as a completely web-based designer with Visio-like functionality, new APIs for work lists and a brand new enterprise console. While extending the depth and breadth of our product offerings to business users, we intend to continue our pioneering work in providing a customizable, rapidly deployable workflow tool for developers. We have done a significant amount of research on Windows Workflow Foundation and we expect the 2006 release to increase our edge as a provider of workflow application development tools. We will continue to update our customers and partners on our Windows Workflow Foundation initiative through announcements on our website”.

About Skelta Software

Skelta Software is an innovative software product company specializing in enterprise-wide Business Process Management (BPM) workflow software solutions for small to large-sized businesses worldwide. Its flagship product, Skelta Workflow.NET 2004 is a BPM workflow software that is built on cutting-edge Microsoft .NET, XML, and Web services technologies. It is also the world's first embeddable workflow engine. Skelta enables business users and developers to design and deploy workflow applications using software tools with which they are already familiar. In addition, Skelta enables businesses to leverage on their existing investments in Microsoft technologies such as InfoPath, BizTalk Server, and SharePoint.

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