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Skelta announces availability of Skelta Worfklow.NET 2004

November 15, 2004 - The latest version of Skelta's workflow engine offers enhanced native load-balancing and clustering amongst other features

Skelta ( today announced the availability of Skelta Workflow.NET 2004, the next edition of its fully embeddable and scalable .NET based workflow engine designed for seamless integration into applications that automate, streamline and optimize business processes across the enterprise.

Version 2004 comes with several new features and functionality, including the following:

  • Offers enhanced active-active load balancing. Significantly, it's the only workflow engine that offers native load balancing and clustering -- not just a failover. Apart from distributing the server load uniformly across all servers in a cluster, this enables performance scaling coupled with high reliability.

  • Provides the flexibility to display application data in the Activity List. Users can now customize the Activity List by adding custom fields for display of additional meta-data in the Activity Lists. Also, the end users can now personalize the Activity List to have the custom fields defined during process design and also specify how they would like the lists to be filtered. In other words, they can have more relevant data displayed in the Activity List. Columns to be displayed in the Activity List can be configured.

  • Enables synchronization between execution of the workflow and alerting of the actions, providing users with a sense of continuity when activities are acted upon sequentially. Synchronization can be started while initiating the workflow execution and while alerting an action.

  • Import and export of workflow definitions is now possible. With this new feature a workflow definition can be exported to an XML file. The exported XML definition can be manually edited or moved to another database. Likewise, workflow definitions from XML files can be imported.

  • Apart from extending some of the existing Actions to provider better functionalities, several new Actions including those enabling quick generation of Microsoft Word and Excel documents during execution of workflows, two-way email communication from within a workflow, and invoking of any Web service are now possible.

  • Supports two-way communication from and to workflows, through email and SMS.

Said Skelta's CEO Sanjay Shah: "Our endeavor is to constantly refine Skelta Workflow.NET Framework in the light of feedback from our existing customers coupled with our own in-house research. With the incorporation of several new features, I have no hesitation to say Skelta Workflow.NET 2004 offers clear cost-to-benefit advantages over the competition in its space. Together with the high quality but again low-cost technical support we offer, Version 2004 is good value for money for software developers/companies looking for a robust and scalable rules-based workflow engine that can integrate seamlessly into a variety of applications."

About Skelta Software

Skelta Software is an innovative software product company specializing in enterprise-wide Business Process Management (BPM) workflow software solutions for small to large-sized businesses worldwide. Its flagship product, Skelta Workflow.NET 2004 is a BPM workflow software that is built on cutting-edge Microsoft .NET, XML, and Web services technologies. It is also the world's first embeddable workflow engine. Skelta enables business users and developers to design and deploy workflow applications using software tools with which they are already familiar. In addition, Skelta enables businesses to leverage on their existing investments in Microsoft technologies such as InfoPath, BizTalk Server, and SharePoint.

For more information on Skelta and its products, visit Skelta may also be contacted on phone at +1 (703) 652-8359 and on email at

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