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Expense Management solution built on the Skelta BPM framework
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Skelta's Expense Management solution built on the Wonderware Skelta BPM framework enables cost efficiencies, process compliance and upward graph on employee satisfaction for this core business function:

  • Improve Employee Claims experience:
    • Fully automated and streamlined claims process
    • Deliver claims related notifications in employee's mailbox, SMS/Text Messages and IM
    • Web based claims tracking
    • Enable quick and transparent claims settlement
  • Improve cost transparency:
    • Gain visibility of the expense claims process
    • Monitor and rectify pain areas
    • Reports on specific actions during claims process for improved accountability
    • Enable quick and transparent claims settlement
  • Enable controls through a strong approvals workflow:
    • Pre-define expense types and set limits compliant with organizational policy
    • Routing of supporting document for expense claims
    • Standardized processes across the Enterprise
    • Escalations in case of exceptions
    • Queue management ensure timely approvals on claims
  • Return on Investment:
    • Single sign on portal supports multiple user instances at no extra cost
    • Integrate with existing enterprise applications with out-of-the box connectors

Additional Features:

  • Wonderware Skelta BPM Forms Designer and the framework's tight integration with Microsoft Outlook allow employees to log-in their claims electronically.
  • Saves valuable employee time on claims follow-up by allowing access to claims trail for status updates.
  • Supports Active Directory and uses defined hierarchy and security rights for completing expense claims approvals.
  • Business rules ensure accurate claims disbursals for permissible amounts and allowances implemented within the workflow.
  • Rapid claims approval through a queuing system ensures sign-offs are made possible during different scenarios such as automatic re-routing during approver holidays.
  • Use Wondereware Skelta BPM Business Activity Monitor (BAM) capabilities to trigger escalation and expedite pending claims requests by setting values for time and number of pending claims requests
  • Alerts and notifications delivered on multiple channels - email, SMS/Text Messages, IM

Expense Workflow

Wonderware Skelta BPM provides a holistic and exhaustive business application platform for organizations to build customized solutions for critical business processes.

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