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Skelta Leave Management system built on the Wonderware Skelta BPM platform offers a web based, customized leave management solution for optimized LMS returns. Build and deploy simple to very complex Leave Management process flows for a standardized enterprise wide leave process

Leave Management Sytem

Skelta Leave Management system is:

Easy to Use; Streamlines LMS and offers customization for your specific LMS requirements

Key Benefits

    • Enhance productivity
      • Receive and act on leave request notification and authorization on multiple channels
      • View and administer leaves for maximum productivity on ongoing projects
    • Design and Deploy LMS easily
      • Web based process designer with drag and drop interface designs process flows quickly
      • Build standardized custom Forms for leave applications using Skelta Forms Designer
      • Link Forms to defined workflows
    • Streamlined, efficient Process
      • Design workflows easily in line with business process
      • Route leave requests through pre-defined approval system
      • Load balancing and escalations
      • Eliminate errors associated with manual paper based LMS
      • Improve costs incurred on erroneous LMS data and paid days off
    • Measure and Monitor leaves impact
      • View drill down reports
      • Leave balance views
      • View Leave calendar

Skelta Leave Management solution built on the Wonderware Skelta BPM framework optimizes the leave management process for both employees and managers:

Employees Employees:

  • Request leave easily online
  • Check leave availability
  • Track leave request status online


  • Record and monitor leaves
  • Establish a consistent LMS process across your Enterprise
  • Ensure Resource planning and timely deliverables
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Leave Management System