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Wonderware Skelta BPM for GIS

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Integrates Business with Technology for Several Industry Verticals
Wonderware Skelta BPM is a full-featured BPM platform suitable for high-availability, high-performance scenarios. Wonderware Skelta BPM’s rapid application development platform enables organizations to quickly build applications and link to workflows for any area of their business.

  • Browser based process designer with rich toolset
  • Process monitoring and optimization
  • Strong workflow engine
  • Integrated document management system
  • Collaborative data models
  • Mobile and Outlook integration for multi channel alerts and notifications
  • GIS processes on the move with Skelta Work Tasks mobile app
  • Secure workflow routing and authentication for GIS documents with eSignatures
  • Document versioning (maps & vector data)

GIS Features


Wonderware Skelta BPM & GIS: Create efficiencies for the Government sector. Wonderware Skelta BPM´s Business process management software and advanced workflow engine integrates GIS technology with critical process management for e-governance and citizen services.

BPM and GIS for Government


Wonderware Skelta BPM & GIS technology: Collaborative decision making for implementation of Public works. Integrated Business Process Management (BPM) systems and GIS technology enable collaborative data management, approvals and decision making with flexible process management and secure workflows.

BPM and GIS for Utilities

Defense & Security

Secure routing of inter departmental Defense and Intelligence data is enabled with business process management software and GIS technology. Wonderware Skelta BPM for GIS integrates GIS tools within its advanced workflow engine for several horizontal processes.

BPM and GIS for Defense & Security

Oil & Gas

Geo spatial data is now crucial for data interpretation in the Oil & Gas sector. Location based information, drilling & pipeline routing are almost entirely dependent on GIS technology for right decision making at the right time. Skelta BPM integrated with GIS tools enable multiple efficiencies for the Oil & Gas sector – from routing GIS data across departments such as production, facilities and pipeline management to improved regulatory compliance.

BPM and GIS for Oil & Gas


Municipal assets such as records and documents such as land and property records as well as spatial assets such as base maps are digitized using GIS tools. Wonderware Skelta BPM integrates GIS data for efficient and secure workflows within Municipal departments thereby creating efficiencies in infrastructure planning and development.

BPM and GIS for Municipalities