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Accounts Payable solution is a highly secure, advanced functionality solution developed on the Wonderware Skelta BPM framework. The Accounts Payable system addresses the operational and business challenges of ownership costs, traceability, vendor management, reporting and workflow efficiency through its mature delivery model:

Accounts Payable Solution

Accounts Payable Solution - Process Flow

Accounts Payable Features


Accounts Payable Solution How can you turnaround Accounts Payable Process to:

  • Improve cash flow?
  • Get optimum ROI from your AP solution?
  • Streamline vendor management?

BPM Accounts Payable Solution Wonderware Skelta BPM's Accounts Payable solution has delivered value to customers worldwide through:

  • Deploy the Accounts Payable as a hosted solution
  • Highly secure hosted model

Automated Improved Vendor Management

  • Prioritization of payables
  • Automated vendor notification
  • Activity-based benchmarks and variance analysis
  • Vendor-based escalations to ensure payment within due dates.

Skelta BPM Solutions ReportTraceability and comprehensive reporting

  • Invoice tracking from receipt to payment
  • KPIs for overdue and performance analysis
  • Real time web based reports
  • Ageing reports, Payable reports and creation of user defined reports

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Accounts Payable Solution by Skelta