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Skelta BPM solution for Manufacturing
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With rising energy costs, ageing infrastructure, obligation to shareholders and a highly competitive environment within the Manufacturing sector, Enterprise integration and Operational efficiency have taken on fresh relevance as the key factors to organizational success. Wonderware Skelta BPM framework addresses current operational and business challenges at the enterprise level, in Manufacturing:

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Wonderware Skelta BPM for Manufacturing:

Wonderware Skelta BPM not only addresses the above challenges and demands, but also provides a vision for an Integrated enterprise with complete connectivity and collaboration

  • Standardize work processes across the enterprise level of all domains (Production, Quality, Maintenance)
  • Coordinate human-centric and system-centric tasks effectively
  • Gain real-time visibility to active work processes
  • Measure and improve the performance of work processes
  • Enforce company policies and regulatory compliance
  • Maintain comprehensive process audit trails
  • Synchronize disparate enterprise applications


Wonderware Skelta BPM Automates:

  • Change Management
    • Automate Product Change management with PLM systems
  • Vendor management
    • Streamlines the vendor management process
  • Collaborate
    • Engineering design reviews and approval
  • Leads Tracking
  • Issue Management and Resolutions
  • Contract management
  • Compliance
  • Internal operational processes
  • SLA management
  • Management of Inventory control
  • Customer service
  • Product service orders and management



  • Intuitive,visual modelling environment for easy process design
  • WYSIWYG forms editor enables end-users to create forms to collect or visualize data
  • Advanced human workflow management for task assignment and escalation
  • Multi-channel task delivery and response: web, Smartphone, email, IM, and voice
  • Native integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office
  • Connectors available for Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft BizTalk, and SAP ERP
  • Scaled offering to fit site, enterprise-wide deployments


  • Increases work process agility and ownership
  • Optimizes resource utilization, reduces operational costs
  • Maximizes user productivity and responsiveness
  • Facilitates knowledge management, manages best practices / standards
  • Provides a comprehensive framework to manage continuous improvement initiatives
  • Enhances the value of ERP applications
  • Provides a scalable, robust platform to build composite applications for several business functions.Lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by connecting users, content and enterprise applications in a unified environment
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI) by leveraging existing investments in technologies

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Skelta BPM for Manufacturing