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Skelta BPM for Banking and Financial Services Industry

Industries > Financial Services

The recent economic downturn and constantly changing business environment are forcing financial institutions to consider revenue streams from new markets, make significant cut backs in operational costs and ensure highly efficient organizational structures that are compliant and adhere to audit mandates.

Key challenges

  • Maintaining dynamic market response
  • Rapid ROI through integrated processes and solutions performance views
  • Adherence to Internal Regulations for better Organizational performance
  • Legal Compliance
  • Adherence to Corporate Mandates

Featured Solutions:

icon pdfAccounts Payable Solution
icon pdfUnderwriting Process for Insurance Solution

Business Process Management is helping leading financial service organizations to:

  • Focus on the customer
  • Adhere to compliance initiatives
  • Improve channel strategy
  • Achieve better agility.


  • Operational efficiency
    • Automate financial services such as loans and investment portfolio management
    • Associate functions to workflows
    • Electronic approval cycle
  • Collaborate
    • Enable information exchange
    • Automatic work routing
    • Task delivery and notifications across the enterprise, vendors and business partners
  • Improved productivity
    • Leverage on business rules to reduce human intervention
    • Automated task routing and processing
  • Compliance
    • Real time process visibility
    • Manage bottlenecks proactively
    • Clear audit trails

Wonderware Skelta BPM offers a unified, end-to-end, intuitive and user friendly solution to help financial institutions and financial service providers meet the challenges of a dynamic economy and improve operational efficiency to meet important business goals. Wonderware Skelta BPM's solution framework offers a flexible, extensible platform that enables rapid application design for every process driven business area.


Key Capabilities:

  • Flexible process modelling: Design, develop and deploy processes with Wonderware Skelta BPM web based, drag and drop Process Modelling tool and rapidly and respond to changes as they occur
  • Reporting: End-to-end Process monitoring and drilled down reports against pre defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Multi Channel communication: Integration with Microsoft mail client for mail delivery of notifications of exceptions,task delivery and escalations, enabling proactive response to process demands
  • Scalable BPM platform: High performance BPM platform enables rapid application development for any and every solution scenario or specific financial services such as risk management, compliance assurance, fraud case management, customer on-boarding and retail banking.

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