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Skelta BPM for the Automotive Sector
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Automotive manufacturing is an extremely competitive industry with global players outsourcing parts manufacturing and assembling to various locations worldwide. Key factors to success include:

  • Staggering the manufacturing process to shorten lead times and meet customer demands
  • Manage distribution channels efficiently to achieve top and bottom line targets

More than any other industry, automotive manufacturing also relies heavily on the dealership model. With so many disparate points of sale, assembly and service, companies need to ensure an integrated approach to business process management for a streamlined working model.

Key Challenges:

  • Product Lifecycle Management including logistics, quality control and order management areas need to be linked for business monitoring and MIS
  • Legacy system migration
  • Core process automation
  • Collaboration across the length and breadth of the supply chain
  • Business Visibility

Wonderware Skelta BPM for the Automotive sector offers a centralized, collaborative business process management platform for regions, marketing units, sales teams, distribution lines, outsource partners and for various product lines. A robust, user friendly business process management platform mitigates adoption challenges for rapid return on BPM investments

Wonderware Skelta BPM efficiencies for the Automotive sector:

  • Quicker time to market
  • Strong Integration enabled with existing applications and legacy systems
  • Business Process Visibility
  • Compliance
  • Effective management of the distribution channel
  • Early adoption with a low learning curve
  • Cost efficiencies enabled by a Single Sign On system supporting multiple user instances

Key Highlights:

Wonderware Skelta BPM integrates, streamlines and monitors Enterprise wide processes as well as external processes across the value change through its strong Integration capabilities.

  • Comprehensive reporting: End-to-end business process visibility with drill down reports from executive level dashboards down to a single process leading to bottom line efficiencies
  • Compliance: Adherence to critical quality and safety mandates throughout the Product Lifecycle is enabled with compliance specific solutions built on the Wonderware Skelta BPM framework
  • Integration: Out-of-the-box connectors and adapters for SAP and BizTalk extend strong BPM functionality to existing ERP systems and connect the supply chain for process efficiency, dealer network visibility and unified views of bottlenecks throughout the value chain
  • SharePoint integration: Wonderware Skelta BPM integrates the superior collaborative capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint for workflow automation. By putting people in the centre of the business process, Wonderware Skelta BPM ensures human-centric workflows for overall business improvement
  • Flexible Process Modelling: A web based process designer puts the control directly in the hands of the process owner to design and deploy processes with minimal IT support. The drag and drop process designer also enables rapid response to change and mitigates inefficiencies that beleaguer sales and distribution lines
  • BAM: Wonderware Skelta BPM's powerful BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) tool provides on demand reports on project milestones and task completion on every step of a business process to enable decision makers react quickly to perceived issues
  • Workflow Engine: Engineering and automotive data in specialized formats such as CAD need to be transferred between various points for design inputs and approvals. A collaborative BPM platform allows documents in multiple formats to be linked with process workflows and lets different user groups work together through itemized features such as document annotation for comments and versioning for complete tracking
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