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Wonderware Skelta BPM

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   Product Tour
BPM Scenario - IT Help Desk
Skelta BPM - Overview
Extending SharePoint with Enterprise Business Process Management
How is a BPM Project Achieved?
The Aggregation of Business: ROEI with Skelta BPM
Managing Innovative Product Development
Skelta Accounts Payable Solution
BPM and SOA Synergy
ROI on Skelta BPM
BPM : WF, MOSS 2007 and Skelta BPM.NET 2009
Business Process Management and Application Composition by Sandy Kemsley
   Case studies
OEM - Skelta BPM embedded in an Application
Skelta BPM.NET and Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Skelta BPM enables Composite Application at Roland DGA
Skelta BPM.NET and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing Dubai
Streamlined, Accounts Payable at Roland DGA
Skelta BPM.NET - A Government and Regulatory Solution
Skelta SharePoint Accelerator - Document Management and Workflow Solution
Skelta BPM.NET - AeroSpace and Defense
Skelta Workflow.NET 2004 - An OEM Solution
Skelta BPM.NET - Finance Case Study
Skelta Workflow.NET 2004 - Work Order Management
Skelta BPM.NET - Manufacturing Case Study
Skelta Workflow.NET 2004 - Document and Records Management Solutions
Skelta BPM.NET - OEM Case Study
Skelta and DPRA - real time eGovernance solutions for effective emissions trading regulation
Tap into SharePoint potential with BPM software
Skelta BPM Automating Enterprise-wide Processes
SaaS BPM - A Suitable Present Day Confluence?
Automating a Purchase Requisition Process with BPM
The Relevance of Simulation in Todays BPM World
Composite Applications in Todays BPM World
The Value of BPM for BPO Operations
E Governance in Todays BPM World
Whats Better - Building a BPM Solution or Buying One?
How Does BPM Feature in the Retail World?
Five key benefits of BPM usage to the Insurance Sector
Incorporating BPM in Insurance
Is your Accounts Payable Solution working for you? Think Again
Process Excellence in Manufacturing with BPM Technology
Compliance Proof Your Company - The IT Way to Tackle Clause 49
Role of BPM in Human Resources
   Analyst corner
Business Process Management in Manufacturing by Aberdeen Group
Invensys Skelta Takes BPM to Operations - An ARC View report
Business Process Management and Application Composition by Sandy Kemsley
   OnDemand Webinars
Real value from your Accounts Payable solution
Future Proof your Business – ERM software
End-to-end HRIS framework
Visibly Measured Benefits of Skelta BPM
A look at the Skelta BPM Forms Designer
Enhance your collaboration effort in BPM with Skelta Queue Management System
Extending advanced BPM functionality to SharePoint
Energize your BPO initiatives with Skelta BPM
Skelta BPM 2011 - An overview
BPM and Application Composition - by Sandy Kemsley
Differentiate your business with Skelta BPM
   Product / Solutions Resources
Skelta BPM Overview
SharePoint Accelerator Overview
Accounts Payable Solution
Document Management System
Enterprise Risk Management
Human Resource Information System
   Skelta BPM Application Scenarios
Skelta BPM and GIS for Defense
Skelta BPM and GIS for Government
Skelta BPM and GIS for Municipalities
Skelta BPM and GIS for Oil & Gas
Skelta BPM and GIS for Utilities
Leisure Industry
Employee On Boarding
Incident Management
Purchase Requisition Power Sector
F&B Application Development
Travel Process Automotive
Incidence Management Process Simplified